Welcome to Star Dragon Petz! I have created this site to show off my Petz, My hexes and Gifts that i have been given. Take a look around and maybe leave me a message on the Tag Board :)

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20.09.15: New look + New hexes.
02.04.15: New hexes added
08.10.14: New hexes added
28.06.14: New hexes added
17.02.14: New hexes added
30.01.13: New look + New hexes.
08.02.11: New look.
11.08.10: New hexes added.
17.05.10: New hexes added.
02.03.10: New hexes added.
20.11.09: New hexes added.
07.07.09: New hexes added.
07.06.09: New hexes added.
26.05.09: New hexes added.
20.04.09: New hexes added.
17.02.09: New hexes added.
13.07.08: New hexes added.
01.06.08: New hexes added.
21.02.08: New hexes added.
29.11.07: New look.
11.08.07: New hexes added.
01.07.07: New look.
13.04.07: New hexes added.
22.02.07: Tag board has been fixed.
15.11.06: Adopted Petz sent.
25.09.06: Adopted Petz sent.
08.09.06: New hexed images added and images fixed.
01.08.06: New Layout!.
31.08.05: My Show catz have been added into the my petz section.
31.08.05: New Layout to the site, the fabric Splat version, I hope you like!.
09.01.05: The Hexes area has been sorted out, go take a look at!.
08.01.05: I have re done the gifts area and also added in the Christmas 04 and and New Year 2004-2005.
26.11.04: Star Dragon Petz has opened :)