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January 2011

14th January 2011 – 1.01pm

Added a new clutch of 5 eggs into the 'bator today (One died in the post... she got scrabbled...) Have another batch due in a few days, all are polish.

26th January 2011 – 11.12pm

Today was candelling day! The most exciting day of the incubation period. 3/5 from batch 1 were fertile and growing well. and 3/6 from batch 2. A new batch is due to arrive in a few days.

February 2011

6th February 2011 – 4.12pm

2 of my 4 eggs hatched today, a little white Polish and a funny looking black chick with white eyebrows! Mona and Chalk are bothe doing really well, but one of my eggs exploded today and killed off a huge portion of my few day old eggs... In fact ALL of them. The 3 ones due in a week though seem to be okay, but we will see! -crosses fingers-

13th February 2011 – 4.44pm

2 Chicks hatched today (1 golden laced and 1 Chamios) They are Polish. I also found out something awesome today! Mona, My little black Polish that hatched last week, is a frizzle! Shes my first frizzle Polish and I'm so excited!!

22th February 2011 – 12.17pm

So, I have some replacement eggs due, and have obtained some Millie Fleur Pekin Bantams to hatch out for my sister. Still looking to get some silver laced Polish eggs though! So we will see what i can find!

March 2011

12th March 2011 – 1.22pm

I'm a little late posting this week. I have just candled my eggs and and 18 out of 24 eggs were fertile.

20th March 2011 – 3.00pm

I have 2 clutches due to hatch this week. The first clutch is hatching now, this includes Polish in Silver and Gold laced, White crested blue/black and mille fleur Pekins. The second that is due on Wednesday/Thursday are White crested cuckoos.

25th March 2011 – 9.09pm

My latest clutches hatch hatched and i have head really good results.
MF Pekins 4/5
Golden Laced/Silver Laced Polish 5/6
WC Cuckoo Polish 3/4
WC Blue/Black Polish 2/3

31th March 2011 – 12.00pm

Quick post because I'm so very excited and need to tell the world! Omelette, as you all know is my little white splash polish hen, she just laid her very first egg!!! She buried it... It was tiny and white!

April 2011

3rd April 2011 – 10.32am

Today is a very exciting day!! Well... at least i think it is. I added some of my tester eggs into the incubator (from my own hens) and they were fertile! These are my first eggs in the 'bator from my own birds. So at least i now know my cockerels are doing their jobs! Now i can officially offer fertile Silkie bantam eggs in mixed colours for sale (E-mail me for details!). Once my tester eggs are hatched (in about 2 weeks) I'll try out the polish.

May 2011

28th May 2011 – 11.30am

I just put some eggs in the incubator, I learnt of this method to sex your chicks from the eggs, it’s an old wives tale kind of like the telling the gender of a baby with a ring. Well this method was using amethyst and you hand it over the egg if it goes side to side it will be a cockerel and if it goes around in circles it will be a hen. Well, really as a test i decided to give it a go... we will see. The results say, we should have 10 hens and 5 cockerels and 1 unknown.

June 2011

4th June 2011 – 9.57pm

Today was candeling day we had about 95% fertility which is great. 1 thing we did discover though was that even at 1 week old 1 egg was very dark, i have a feeling this egg holds twins. So this will be an interesting egg to see hatch (if it hatches) the good thing about it is that it’s a larger egg than the others.

16th June 2011 – 10.30am

We have hatched out our clutch of chicks that we used the amethyst on to tell genders (supposedly 8 hens and 3 cockerels). These will be up for sale shortly, keep an eye out on the sales page. Our twins hatched successfully, though I did not get to watch it, we had 2 new chicks in the ‘bator but only 1 egg hatched. These chicks are very small compared to the others. One interesting fact about the 2 though, is that each one has odd toes 4 on one and 5 on the other... on opposite feet!

25th June 2011 – 10.30am

3 weeks ago one of are Silkie’s went broody, because we had a large amount of fertile eggs we let her sit on a clutch of 6 eggs to see how hen raised chicks were different to incubator hatched chicks Today are first 3 hatched, 1 little black, 1 partridge and 1 gold. I look forward to watching how Toyah will raise them.

July 2011

30th June 2011 – 5.01pm

Toyah successfully hatched 5 out of 6 eggs. The older ones have started to venture further out, but all are eating and drinking well. The little black one we have dubbed Dora, because she seems to like to explore. I have caught her out of the run 3 times now so we are going to have to put a thinner holed wire on the fence to stop her little adventure.