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Septemper 2010

22nd September 2010 – 11.34am

This is a new feature to the site, but i thought it might be fun to show the progress of my eggs/chicks in a blog. Though it’s coming up to the end of the season and egg fertility is not quite as great as the warmer months, I decided to hatch a few eggs from a few various pure breeders to add some new blood to my brood. So today i added 18 black Silkies, 6 white Silkies, 6 chamois Poland’s, 9 unknown colour Poland’s (I’m very excited by these i always enjoy surprises) and also 3 buff cochins and 6 cream leg bars which I’m hatching for my sisters. I have just put the eggs into my incubator, so now the wait begins... Hatching days will vary by breed so considering the breeds I have in currently the hatch days will be between the 12th and 15th of October but it can be about 3-5 days either way for the cochins and 3 days either way for the bantams.

29th September 2010 – 10.57pm

Today is day 7 and an exciting day, the day I first candle my eggs and remove any none developing eggs. I forgot to get a picture of a candled egg at this point, but I’ll try to remember to do it next time! The results were as follows:
White/Black Silkies: 3/6 with 1 maybe.
Mixed Polands: 7/9
Buff Cochins: 2/3 and 1 maybe.
Cream leg bars: 4/6 and 1 maybe.
Will candle them again in a few more days just so I can remove any of the maybes that are now a no... We don’t want any egg explosions!

October 2010

2nd October 2010 – 10.03am

So, its day 10 today and the little peeps should be growing well and be a fair size. I candled them again just to remove any of the maybes that turned out to be no’s. Out of the 8 maybe’s 1 Silkies turned out to be a yes, which was a very pleasant surprise! I had pretty much convinced myself that they were all going to be no’s. I received some replacement eggs yesterday which have just been added to my other incubator. There are 6 mixed colour Silkies, so it will be exciting to see what we get! They should be a mix of Reds, Buff, Blues and Splash. These will be due to hatch on the 23rd of October give or take a few days.
Oh, I almost forgot! I got a video of Poland number 9 from the mixed colours, which has been named Omelette.

You can see in this video the strong veins and the moving little peep. I always love this stage, being able to see the life you’re creating. It’s like when you see your baby for the first time on an ultrasound scan, but in this case your baby is a cute fluffy chicken.
So my next post will probably be in about 7 days on the 9th when I candle the Silkies. It will also be day 17 for the current eggs so the hatching days will be rapidly approaching!

10th October 2010 – 12.00pm

Silkie candling day is here(a day late) and I’m please to announce 6/6 eggs are fertile and growing well. Its also day 18 for the other eggs so these eggs have stopped their rotation ready for hatching!

13th October 2010 – 11.46pm

The first hatchlings have arrived. I’ll be posting at the end of every day with what’s new.
2 Cream Legbars – Pasta and Curry
1 Poland (Splash) – Buttie
That seems to be all, though we have a lot of tappers and a few with holes.

14th October 2010 – 11.59pm

Day 2 of hatching has added:
1 Black Silkie - Custard
1 Cream Legbar – BeeBeeQ
2 Buff Cochins – Duke and Duchess
2 White Silkies – Pox and Ravioli
3 Poland (2 Splash, 1 Chamois) - Nog, Noodle and Omelette

20th October 2010 – 11.59pm

It’s been a while since I last posted, Nothing much has happened over the last few daysI have just been raising my chicks and waiting for the Silkies to hatch. I ordered a mix of Cuckoo and Red Silkie eggs so they should be here tomorrow. There are pictures in the gallery of my chicks.
I stopped rotation today on my Silkies as its day 18. I’m very excited to see what we get!

25th October 2010 – 5.51pm

The Silkies hatched over the last 3 days. Penne the first little partridge Silkie bled but seems to be doing just fine now that she’s eating and drinking.
23rd October - Partridge Silkie – Penne
24th October – 1 of each in Blue, Black and Gold – Sammich, Sketti and Popper
25th October – 1 Gold and 1 Blue - Quiche and Stix
I put the red/cuckoo mixed eggs in today after cleaning the incubator and moving the chicks to the heat box.

28th October 2010 – 8.03am

A little sad news to report today, Quiche the little gold silkie sadly passed away, she had a problem with her legs which i was trying to fix. The problem is called Splayed Leg. This is a problem that means the chicks legs are out sideways (like it’s doing the splits) In some cases it rights itself but like with Quiche she needed a splint to hold her legs together, sadly though, even hand feeding her and giving her water via pipette to make sure she was getting nutrition, she became too weak.

November 2010

2nd November 2010 – 8.59am

Today I have been taking new pictures of all the chicks so the gallery has lots of new pictures.
Candling has shown that all 6 Cuckoo/red eggs are growing well!

16th November 2010 – 11.23am

Over the last 2 days 5 out of 6 chicks have hatched:
15th - 2 gold Silkies and 2 Cuckoos - Chip, Dip, Chubby and Lard. Both Chubby and Lard needed help hatching as they were large chicks and got a bit stuck in their eggs. Both are doing fine.
16th - 2 Cuckoos hatched one large dark and 1 tiny light grey. Both are very weak and are staying in the constant heat of the incubator, to see if they can strengthen up.

18th November 2010 – 10.01am

Sadly neather chick made it, i think the late season and their sizes counted against them. The other 2 large cuckoos are doing fine though!
This was my last clutch of the year. I have cleaned my incubator ready for next year. I will still be bloging on chick news though!

19th November 2010 – 12.30pm

Today I received some mystery eggs... Not a clue where they came from! But I’m setting up my ‘Bator again as I type so it’s all warm and humid for tomorrow. They say Poland’s so I guess that’s what they are!

24th November 2010 – 2.33pm

I ordered a mix of white Sultans and chamois Poland’s and they arrived yesterday and have just been put in the incubator, thought i may as well seeing as the 'Bator was back on xD

December 2010

12th December 2010 – 5.41pm

My computer broke so i was unable to post about candling! But now I’m back online i can post about the new hatchlings! So today 2 white crested Poland’s hatched into the most adorable chicks, i have named them Puffin and Penguin. Puffin bled a lot and was very weak but seems to be doing a lot better with a little T.L.C.

18th December 2010 – 5.41pm

We had a couple more hatches from my mix:
2 White Sultans and 1 chamois Polands.
Penguin has been having great fun preening and fluffing everyone up! She’s being a proper mother hen and is only 6 days old.

19th December 2010 – 5.41pm

Today a chick hatched from her egg but she was back-to-front hatching from the pointed side. She’s got a few yolk problems but i hope they work out over the next few days.